Casino Industry Embraces Social Media for Marketing

By: Tom Greenspan
Feb 5 2015

Word of mouth was always the most powerful way, of attracting customers, since the arrival of social media, word of mouth has now become a global discussion. At the moment, more and more organizations and companies are using social media as one of the targetting channels for their marketing efforts. The casino industry has not been left out in utilizing the social media. Here are a few examples of how the casino industry has been utilizing social media for their marketing efforts.


This is probably the website that is most used for social marketing campaigns, and the casino industry is not far behind using it. They use Facebook for fan or players engagement through contests and promos often giving away free stuff. These efforts not only help increase fan interactions, but also drive users to create innovative content for the page. Facebook events can also be held where the casino awards its customers with free games or a stay in the property. These are very helpful in increasing business during the off-season months or when gaming is sluggish. p

Casino collaborations with organisations from other industries like real estates are also seen, wherein the casino is supposed to sponsor a visit to a resort (or something similar) for the winners. This effort is helpful in promoting both the businesses. Facebook can be also used for customer service. Online Casino Reviews are also not uncommon on Facebook.


Internet video marketing is also one of the most effective methods of internet marketing, and many casinos take advantage of Youtube to create viral videos. Youtube influences are used to create and post these videos, which then go viral by spreading through the subscribers of the influencers’ channel.

Another way to do video marketing is the way MGM Grand (Las Vegas) did it. They hosted a themed promo called “Get A Life”, asking people to post videos, which show why they don’t have a life. The most entertaining videos would win a trip to Vegas. These videos were so entertaining that they brought a lot of traffic not only to the promo, but also to the casino itself.


Some casinos really understand the use of Twitter very well and can communicate effectively with their users, without being overly promotional or pushy. They do this by posting interesting and genuine tweets, which show that they care about the relationships with their patrons.

Twitter is also another social media website which is used for customer service. Some casinos use it to address the grievances of unhappy customers as well as feedback of happy customers. This ensures that they have a constant interaction with their customers and the customers don’t feel ignored.

Social Media Analytics

The means of social media promotions are all very good, but what use are they if you don’t know how to translate your customers’ opinions, messages and videos into meaningful data? This is where social media analytics come in. They play an important role in letting the casino know whom to target, how the customers are reacting and what the needs or desires of the customers are. This helps in making strategic marketing decisions, media allocations and in deciding how much online engagement should be deployed. These tools also help the casino quantify the effect of the promotions.

Tom Greenspan

If you want to know more on social media and how it is used in practice, just visit this website to see a good example on how to use social media.