Does Food and Drink effect gameplay? Or is it mind over matter?

By: Shawn Tayor
Mar 9 2015

Problem gambling does not only affect your mood, it can also affect your body. By feelings of tension and excitement as when playing a fabric is created by the body, endorphins B. This substance acts like a body's drug. It gives you a euphoric feeling numb and bad feelings. When you do not play the body may experience a shortage of this substance, causing all kinds of problems can arise. Also, it may be that if you play a lot you make less of yourself. You go nights sleep and ignoring or forgetting to eat through all your problems. Enough reasons for the occurrence of physical symptoms.

Hua Jingfeng, a deputy bureau chief at the Ministry of Public Security said earlier. "A fair number of neighboring countries have casinos, and they have set up offices in China to attract and drum up interest from Chinese citizens to go abroad and gamble. This cannot be the case of setting up business in China, and lure locals away

"Beating an addiction like being hooked on gambling is not easy at all".

To the doctor

When do you expect withdrawal symptoms when you stop gambling, it may be that you are asking support from the GP.

If you are going to participate in online treatment, you can get a referral from your care for your family doctor that you can print yourself. This letter makes it easy to take to the appointment with your GP. The referral contains information on the Internet and a treatment -checklist your doctor.

If you have physical symptoms, which can then deal with your gokgewoonte, but can of course also play other causes. Do not hesitate to go with questions or for advice from your doctor.


If you lead an irregular life and many experiences stress from gambling, you can get a headache. If you gamble a lot and has a headache may be caused by:

  • Tensions
  • Irregular life Too little sleep Skipping meals Psychological or emotional problems Lack of moisture

What can I do?

When you go about doing your gambling problems and your lifestyle changes you may find that your headaches are less. Tensions ensure that increases muscle tension in your body. Excessive muscle strain can cause headaches. A regular life with plenty of relaxation, calm, healthy eating, drinking and regularity, will reduce your headache symptoms and do to improve your condition.

Stomach ache

Stomach pain caused by stress is a common problem. By tension stomach acid production increases causing irritations can occur. This can eventually lead to damage to the stomach lining. Stomach pain you feel at the top of your stomach. There may be a chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The digest of the food is difficult. You will notice that by stomach pain, bloating, and sometimes nausea and vomiting.


From the stomach to the food goes to the small intestine. Also this, the mucous membrane is susceptible to inflammation as a result of tensions. Some people also develop chronic diarrhea. This may also be the result of poor dietary habits.

Trembling, sweating and anxiety

Your body is set to gambling. If you want to gamble or not, your body reacts to it. You can experience all kinds of withdrawal symptoms. Read more about this in rehab. Trembling, sweating and physical restlessness may be caused by your body produces too little endorphin B.

Sleep Complaints

If gambling is going to play a big role in your life may produce all kinds of complaints. It may be that at times you gamble when you really should be in bed. Whether the issues surrounding gambling piling up so you no longer come to sleep by worrying.

When you're so preoccupied with gambling, this prevents a sound sleep. Processes that take place in your brains, function worse if you do not sleep regularly. Lack of sleep makes you start to feel more unstable and more tense.

Waking up and is obviously better if you slept well. Do you realize that your body needs time again to switch to a healthy sleep pattern after you have dealt with gambling and in normal times and can go to sleep without worry. Of course there are, to a healthy sleep pattern, individual differences. Some people always lie awake for an hour before they go to sleep, others sleep lightly and wake up night sounds.

If you sleep poorly, you can benefit from learning relaxation exercises. In most places it is also possible to follow a sleep course. You can confirm this with your doctor, in home care, in social work or at the Mental Health Centre in your area.

Sleeping Tips

Here are some tips to get better sleep:

  • Be careful not to have too busy a schedule where you have to do many things and have to think about many things. It is logical that evening continues at bedtime worrying. Building rests on a day where you do nothing and just time to think.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed.
  • Drink no evening coffee with caffeine. Some people are very sensitive to the stimulating effect of caffeine and better do not drink caffeinated coffee or there after about 12:00 pm stop. This may also apply for example, cola, tea, chocolate.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal just before bedtime.
  • Build a quiet moment at bedtime. Listen to quiet music, reading a book, or take a short walk.
  • Do relaxation exercises. You can find these on the internet, there are books about it or ask your doctor or physiotherapist.
  • Do not exciting (computer) games right before bedtime.
  • Turn the computer off well before bedtime.
  • Sex may have a relaxing effect.
  • Provide regular, go as far as possible at the same time for bed.
  • Sports promotes a healthy sleep pattern.
  • Use the night not to think, taught it hard on yourself. Shift your thoughts to relaxing things or let the mind completely.
  • Go during the day no sleep and get up early to catch up. Keep a steady rhythm, even after a bad night.
  • Sleeping pills are addictive, they should be used only in emergencies and only short-term.
  • Do not drink alcohol before bedtime. Alcohol seems to do well as inslaapmiddel. Still sticking a downside to this. Alcohol inhibits a healthy sleep. The processes that take place in your brains, function worse if you have been drinking alcohol.


It may be that you are suffering from negative feelings, making all kinds of problems can arise.

It may be that you've been and have received medication to the doctor with these complaints.

Sleeping pills and sedatives can then provide temporary support. It is of course important to also address the cause of your symptoms. Antidepressants can play a role.

  • Sleep and tranquillizers (sedatives), for example: Seresta® (oxazepam), Valium® (diazepam) Temazepam (normison). These agents have a soothing, relaxing muscles and reducing anxiety. Sedatives themselves also have a strong addictive. So be careful that you do not develop new addiction while the old are to unlearn.
  • Anti-depressants, for example: Prozac®, Seroxat®, Remeron®. These medications improve mood and reduce anxiety. When the issues surrounding your addiction continues to accrue it may be that you see no way out. Your mood deteriorates and you feel desperate. Medications can be supportive. Antidepressants can help you to improve your mood and thus you may be better able to deal with your gambling problem.
  • There may also be other psychological problems underlying the gambling problem. Also in that case, the appropriate medication help to get gambling under control. We advise you to contact your doctor if you think you might need medication.

Shawn Taylor

Beating a gamble addiction is very hard, often addicted people are not helped or recognized by there loved ones. So for them it’s good to know there are agencies that can help beating a addiction. We strongly advice if you suspect to be addicted or some one near to you to seek help.