Dracula videoslot by Netent. Scary but intriging videoslot, read all about it and play for free on this page!

By: Shawn Tayor
Mar 9 2015

Dracula ™ will be the eighth NetEnt slot are brought together with another brand in the market. While the two South Park ™ video slots have been developed in collaboration with South Park Studios ™, Aliens ™ would never have come about without the cooperation of 20th Century Fox. All other brand video slots including Scarface ™, Frankenstein ™, Creature from the Black Lagoon ™ and The Invisible Man ™ are created thanks to a partnership with Universal ™. Now we can present to you Dracula ™, based on the Universal film Dracula 1931..

Dracula untold

Once well looking at the long list of Dracula movies and series, I was amazed at the Dracula film Untold (2014). How is it possible that a Dracula story unspoken remained after dozens of books and films have appeared. In addition to the Universal ™ 1931 film, there is also a romanticized version of Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1979, while several other versions were published between 1992 and 2006. And let's not forget the general stories in which the vampire is central as the Twilight Saga for example, containing my favorite bloodsucker Edward Cullen, the handsome and charming vampire hitherto portrayed. In addition to the films, there are also several series published including recent series such as Dracula and Young Dracula, making it even less credible that a Dracula story has remained unspoken since the publication of Bram Stoker's Dracula more than a century ago.

"Dracula movie 1931 Universal Pictures NetEnt's Dracula ™ is based on the Universal ™ Picture Dracula 1931.".

Bram Stoker's Dracula

What many may not know is that the character Dracula, introduced in the gothic horror novel from 1897, written by the Irish writer Bram Stoker. Better known as Bram Stoker's Dracula, the original story is about the world's most famous bloodsucker and his attempt to move from Transylvania to England in search of fresh blood, the curse spreading. Before writing Dracula, deepened the Irish writer himself seven years in European folklore and vampire stories. Later, the writer claimed to have had a nightmare about the "vampire king" rose from the dead. Not that it matters very much, but nice to know is that the story goes that this nightmare was due to eating too much crab with mayonnaise. Although the most famous vampire, Bram Stoker's Dracula is not the first story starring a vampire, as the story is partly inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu's "Carmilla" in 1871 and by Varney the Vampire, a long and terrible series from the middle -Victoriaaanse era written by James Malcolm Rymer. The character Dracula also resembles another vampire portrayed as an aristocratic man, created by John Polidori in The Vampyre (1819). Another interesting fact is that The Vampyre was written during a summer weekend with bedenkser Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, in 1816, another classic horror story into a film by Universal ™ while NetEnt as the only official Frankenstein ™ slot developed.

NetEnt's Dracula

After Bram Stoker's Dracula I suggest now yourself to NetEnt's Dracula ™, inspired by Universal ™ Picture's Dracula like to see this in the movie from 1931. There are quite a few differences between Bram Stoker's Dracula, Universal's Dracula, my favorite vampire and NetEnt's Dracula. Although NetEnt a very striking vampire has used the Dracula ™ Finally, my favorite vampire Edward Cullen still remains. But without the equations, I must admit that I am very impressed with Dracula like to see this in the new NetEnt slot Dracula ™. Impressed certainly, but also intimidated because NetEnt's Dracula is not exactly the most charming Dracula which I have encountered so far in the movies and series, menacing presence alongside the five roles in Dracula ™ slot. It does not help when Dracula suddenly changed in shape is replaced by a cluster of bats when the Bat feature is activated. I may be intimidated by Dracula as a character, I just am touched when I take a good look at the 3D animations and lock features. And was the Dracula ™ slot still developing when I got a sneak peek at ICE 2015, it took me a second to realize that the new NetEnt slot is to resume an impressive creation are packed with innovative animation and lock features.

Dracula ™ slot

Besides already designed a new innovative feature slot by NetEnt, later known as the Bat feature, Dracula ™ slot will also offer multiple trusted lock features. This combination will work towards ensuring that you no moment will be disappointed with the Dracula ™ slot which will be available from April 23 at the NetEnt Casinos. Apart from the Bat feature, which will appear any number of bats from unexpected sources and on the rolls countries. When the reels stop spinning, will change the bats in an attractive symbol which higher profits will be created. Where these bats actually come I keep still for a moment to myself, why not to just read to find out more about the exciting video slot, this impressive lock feature and other features such as Wilds, Free Spins, Stacked and Stacked symbols Wilds.

Game features

The best storage you always until the end, so let me first tell more about the standard features like the Wild is one. Dracula ™ lock gives you two Wild symbols, because in addition to the regular Wild there is a Stacked Wild in the game provided. Obviously, both have the ability to replace any other symbol.

Free Spins

When Dracula as Stacked Wild appears on the second roll and the lady as Stacked Wild appears on the fourth reel, 10 Free Spins will be activated. This lock feature and the feature Bat, again proving why NetEnt is seen as a pioneer when it comes to the development of online casino games. Not only is there a real metamorphoses which I later tell the vampire in question also appears to have a charming side that comes out during the free spins. Moreover, the bats fly dramatically across the screen, making incredible 3D animations are the result and amaze you that this is a lock feature. When there bats 20 on the rollers end up then this simply means that all the symbols are the same so that a gain of 64,000 mega coins can be achieved. During the Free Spins will bat during each Free Spin feature is activated while Stacked Wild on reel 3 gives you two additional Free Spins.

Bat feature

The Bat feature is no longer a surprise, because I have already hinted lot, but the last one I saved for the end. One thing is certain, the best lock feature in the Dracula ™ slot is the Bat feature, thanks in part to the amazing 3D animations. Rarely NetEnt add a game to the range NetEnt slots without an innovative lock feature is incorporated. The same is certainly true of the Bat feature which I'm sure you'll like this player a NetEnt Casino will come to appreciate, because once again we can look forward to a brilliant lock feature which shows what NetEnt is capable of these days. The Bat feature will be activated entirely arbitrary, and if this is the case, the bats will come from a very unexpected angle. If your video preview above have already seen, it is no surprise, of course, otherwise I recommend the video slot preview wholeheartedly.

Launch Dracula ™ slot

Super glad I finally can share my enthusiasm with you, because intimidated by NetEnt's Dracula or not, I can not wait for my great friend the vampire will be found in the NetEnt Casinos. However, it is to wait until the time is up, because Dracula ™ slot will be available until April 23, leading to many NetEnt Casinos. On this same day the Dracula ™ slot to play in mobile casinos as the same day as Dracula Dracula ™ also Touch® is launched.

Sam smith

Dracula is another great release by Netent, it shows how far they are in making themed videoslots. No wonder a lot of movie makers choose them for making a theme slot.