This idea on site was born late 1998. At first it was titled The Buzzer. It was a good time to start a web site about gambling, as there were few good ones at the time.

But we decided to get a new approach on news as times chance. We hope you like our website! As we try to keep it as neutral as possible, we also appreciate your input at any time!

Together we are strong

We strongly believe in working together with our visitors, so we invite you to activilly join our site. By mailing us we make sure we can moderate, and not by simply opening a blog and let everyone in. Other site do this but we don't want anyone bad mouthing each other or companies featured on casinobuzzing. tries to be as neutral as possible and will not be in any way chosing sides in arguments or disputes, for complaints on casino's or other gambling related issues we gladly point you out to mediators we trust.

As we have values high in our standards, the following values are key to us

  • Honesty
  • Neutral
  • Trustworhty

  • If you have suggestions, complaints or questions about us? Send an e-mail to